Plume Veil Is Exceptional

Aethertech is one of the hottest companies on the rise in the world of boutique, high end gear for e cig users. One of their most successful products is their Plume Veil RDA. The Plume Veil is an innovative design based on the traditional Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer.

Most Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers, or RDA’s, consist of 3 posts for coil builds and a chamber with usually 2 air holes that produce vapor. This is a tried and true design and works extremely well. But the folks over at Aethertech have never been one’s to settle for convention.


The Plume Veil features not one, but 3 sets of dual air holes and the top cap is designed to control how much air passes through each. This is not only amazing, but quite impressive that they’ve accomplished this with a wonderful form-follows-function style of design that works great and looks beautiful.

The main set of airflow holes is traditionally placed and has a cyclops slot type design. A second set of air flow holes is located at the base and feeds through the bottom of the negative posts. And finally a third set is located on the top of the RDA. This set is controlled by rotating the drip tip in the top cap which raises and lowers the top of the chamber to let more air flow in.

Check out the following review – this is an amazing and innovative piece of hardware.

Vape Shops Provide An Excellent Alternative and Growing Business Practice

Some 16 million Americans have problems with a disorder due to smoking cigarettes.

That’s until the 16 million found a method to stop smokes while filling the significance of nicotine without substances that are carcinogenic. And he is not simply blowing smoke.

Company associate and owners Jason Thomas and Beth Martin, started Vapor Lounge after spending years attempting to give up smoking by conventional approaches at 20028 Highway 59 North.

“It turned out to be a growing business and at that time, we were both searching for something else.”
“We squandered lots of money attempting to give up smoking,” Thomas said. “We attempted patches, pills, everything. We visited some other stores and visited with family and friends and we saw that there clearly was no actual retail store for cigarette and no uniformity.

“We needed an actual retail program. We needed all of our stores to be identical, to possess the exact same cases, have the same products sold with a salesperson in a uniform who gives you a receipt. We needed it to feel just like an actual brick and mortar shop.”

Cigarette – brief – are powered with a rechargeable battery housed in the case that connects to a different housing part that includes coils that warm juice. The vapor is inhaled and exhaled just like a smoke that was normal.

“They all essentially do the exact same thing: function as a secure method to be a nicotine replacement,” Thomas said.

All the studies we have read say there’s nothing fundamentally damaging from nicotine. It is no more addictive than caffein and no more dangerous than the usual cup of coffee.”

For a large proportion of the clientele, Martin as well as Thomas, cigarette the vehicle were made by the deliverance of nicotine to stop smoking once and for all.

“It is guy’s conceit,” Thomas said. “Folks don’t need to expire and anyone who understands anything about smokes knows it kills you. What folks are finding out is there are different methods to fill the dependence on nicotine. We deliver nicotine happily for most users.”

In accordance with Thomas, in 2012, it was estimated that cigarettes were a $500 million business; it was and is predicted to double that to.

“And it is likely more than that because every store is independently owned and some do not report all of their gains,” Thomas said.