The Fincastle Trophy – Upcoming Event

Fincastle 2003

Crew 4 from 206 Squadron will travel to the other side of the world next month to compete against teams from the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand air forces in one of the longest running international anti-submarine competitions.

The Fincastle competition will see the four crews put through their paces as they attempt to detect, localise, track and attack a submarine. Three sorties will be flown one at night, one during the day and a third set piece exercise will determine the winners if there is a tie.

This is the 42nd Fincastle competition and 206 personnel are eager to keep up Kinloss’ winning streak. Last year 201 Squadron won the trophy following on from 120 Squadrons successes in the previous two competitions.

A team of six ground engineers will work alongside the aircrew with their work also being judged as part of the overall competition, as well as for the Lockheed Martin Fincastle Maintenance Trophy.

Normally the competition is held earlier in the year but because of other commitments, including service in the Gulf, the event was postponed until November. The Kinloss crew will fly out to RAAF Base Pearce, Western Australia on November 11.

Flight Lieutenant Steve Ferris, captain of the competition crew, said: “It’s a great honour to represent the RAF and Kinloss in such a prestigious competition. This has been a busy year with operations in the Gulf and Search and Rescue at home. Gaining the right to compete in Fincastle is a great reward for the hard work and professionalism of my crew.”

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